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Do you want to take more control of your financial future AND have the life you want?
Whether you have experience in business or not join us, we need everyone to get involved in this roadshow about the wealth of possibilities open to those who want to contribute to the debate and prepare for a financially secure future, even in these turbulent times.

Renowned international speaker, Vicki Wusche, presents her first national roadshow, sharing her knowledge on how to create successful business, wealth while living the life you want.

Vicki rebuilt herself after divorce left her a single parent of two girls under three. Then just as she got on her feet securing a coveted position as a university lecturer, redundancy hit!

Now Vicki runs two successful businesses, authored five books, and has created a family property portfolio worth over £2 million. She now spends her time educating business owners and entrepreneurs on how to identify opportunities and create possibilities, from the seeming chaos that surrounds us.

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